Opa Farms Coco Mix

Opa Farms Coco Mix


Carefully mixed with the finest coco coir, perlite and paramagnetic lava rock, OPA Farms Coco Mix is a premium, artisanal blend for indoor hydroponic gardens. This organic listed soil amendment provides a perfect blend of water retention and drainage to support root growth and ensure higher yielding plants. OPA Farms Coco Mix is triple-washed and pH buffered to ensure the finest quality.

• Suitable for all hydroponic and soilless systems.

• Ideal for heavy feeding plants.

• Based on years of soilless research in greenhouses, field trials and with commercial growers.

Crafted with pride from coco coir, coco chunk, coco chip, perlite and paramagnetic lava rock.

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2 yard Totes $280
1 yard Totes $110

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