Emerald Mountain

Emerald Mountain


Roots Organics Emerald Mountain potting mix is created for the quality conscious consumer, the special breed looking for the highest levels of performance and economy. We recognized the need for a more economical organic growing media that incorporates a balanced air to water ratio for water retention and porosity while maintaining a reliably free draining indoor and outdoor potting mix. The ultimate base mix or large container outdoor blend consistently created to out perform. Emerald Mountain potting mix has been extensively tested and you will see the results of our effort designing this excellent base blend in your garden.

Composted Forest Material, Peat Moss, Pumice, Coco Fiber, Perlite, Worm Castings, Bat Guano, Feather Meal, Fish Meal, Soybean Meal, Fish Bone Meal and Kelp Meal

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